The world has begun to shift over the past 3 years in terms of how, when, where, and why we work. Most of us would like to see continued flexibility in our lives. Many of us enjoy the challenges, opportunities and that work brings even with all the associated frustrations. If we are fortunate to find work that provides a sense of meaning and joy that is a wonderful thing. And that is something that Maverick Minds continues to have as a focus.

Workplaces need to adapt well to this new world and the expectations of the people who actually contribute to making a successful organisation. There is so much opportunity for doing things differently.

I’ve been having conversations around hybrid events with various clients and other facilitators. The hybrid world of meetings, events and human engagement certainly bring their unique challenges and yet if given proper consideration have the potential to provide a quality outcome. From a holistic point of view in terms of how we bring people together (after all the heart of organisational life is collaboration or at least needs to be), the days of always being in person for everything need to be reconsidered for various reasons.

As a facilitator and coach who loves being in person I have also spent the last couple of years developing my work to make online interactions, meetings and workshops as interactive, meaningful and engaging as possible.

A hybrid facilitation day I was involved with showed me some of the challenges and opportunities that are associated in these contexts. We deliberately designed the day to be as inclusive as possible and aspects of that certainly worked. I also see where the technology gaps created a less inclusive experience. These are process design and logistical issues that need to be given proper attention and investment to if we want hybrid interactions to be inclusive and successful.

An article from Steelcase provides a perspective on how to set up better hybrid spaces. If you are setting up your workplace, running hybrid events, or having regular hybrid meetings, I encourage you to read it, review your current set up and see how you can create a more engaging and inclusive hybrid world in your organisation.

I love working live with people either virtually or in person and I’m convinced that with the right intention, thoughtful consideration and investing time in creating a conducive environment it is possible to do both better than what we are currently doing.