Culture Development

Do you have a vision for the culture of your organisation? How about your organisational values? Do you invite the people in your organisation to contribute openly? Do you have a way to get there? If not, it could be time for some culture development workshops.

Improve workplace wellbeing by developing an inclusive creative culture.

Create an environment where people love coming to work.

Make change work for people and the business.

Humanise your workplace rather than it being overly procedural and corporate.

Are you ready for change?

Change is inevitable. Is your organisation prepared?

Are you a learning organisation?

How is knowledge created and shared across your organisation?

Many organisations don’t prioritise learning. As a result, opportunities for innovation are less likely and opportunities may be missed. How can you prevent this from this being you?

While there are no quick fixes when it comes to working with change, complexity, uncertainty, and innovation, everything starts with the openness and quality of leadership and the ripple effect that flows from leaders. Leaders have a major influence on the direction and tone of the organisation.

Opening eyes, hearts and minds

The first step to embracing positive organisational change is to ensure your company culture is open and ready to create it!

Ask yourself, are we cultivating the culture of innovation?

If leadership and management are willing and committed, so much can be achieved.

Our culture development workshops help open the eyes, hearts and minds of leaders, managers and the whole of organisation through art-based methodologies, giving them new perspectives and creating excitement for innovation and change.

“As President of Zonta Club of Brisbane I feel strongly that you need to give extra support to the board that are volunteering their time and skills to a not for profit – so it was wonderful to have Cathryn work with us over two amazing sessions using her insight, creativity and calm to guide us through this sometimes complex conversation. It feels more cohesive and trusting now for us to work together as a board to build a better world for women and girls. Thank you Cathryn.”

Sandra McLean

President, Zonta Club of Brisbane

How does it work?

Our creative development workshops are for businesses that recognise change is inherent, and that creative and motivated people are foundations for their success.

These workshops will take you on a journey to cultivate an organisational culture that’s right for you, your business and your clients.

Through exposure to theories, concepts, and experiential learning you’ll gain greater insight into your organisational culture – what works well and what needs to change. My arts-based methodologies include the use of drawing, painting, making, digital facilitation cards, and other such creatives approaches and invite people out of their business as usual thinking and into innovative thinking.

Culture Development workshops and programs take place over a few months via half-day and full-day workshops. We can collaborate in a neutral space, or I can come to your site for some creative in-residence workshops. Whatever best suits you and your availability.

Programs can include individual and team coaching to enhance learning and the process of change.

Check out some culture development workshops in action!

What’s the benefit?

Realise the opportunities and challenges within your organisation.

Develop strategies that enable knowledge-sharing, people connection, ideas and accountability.

Build creative confidence, experimentation, and resilience within the organisation.

Cultivate the culture you and your people are inspired and motivated to work in.

Discover what is important and uncover what is possible.

Create, innovate, and bring about positive change.

Shift your thinking and gain a new perspective.


What does a healthy company culture look like?

Each company is unique. Together, leadership, management and the people in your organisation define and create company culture.

A relentlessly busy chaotic and bureaucratic workplace can lead to discomfort, stress, burnout and dissatisfaction.

A healthy company culture ensures the wellbeing of their employees. It is one where people feel valued, respected and included. There is a sense of belonging, diversity is appreciated, there is clarity in roles and responsibilities, leadership and management are open and supportive, and people feel safe to contribute their creative ideas, and are able to learn and grow.

Why is culture development important?

Organisational culture is not something you set and forget. It requires regular attention and intention. Without a genuinely healthy workplace, organisations are less likely to:

  • Fully realise the opportunities for the business.
  • Work creatively and constructively with business challenges.
  • Have resilience, adaptability and agility that is needed in an unpredictable business environment.
  • Recruit, engage and retain highly skilled, creative and motivated people.
  • Create, innovate, bring about positive change.


What to consider for culture development?

The stages of culture development are best understood through a coaching and workshop solution, which, at Maverick Minds, undertakes the following five key steps:

  1. Ensure leadership and management understand there are no quick fixes or tricks; that creating and changing culture is a transitional and transformational process.
  2. Discussion with client – identify the organisation’s key cultural development needs.
  3. Create a Culture Development program that will act as a catalyst for change and deliver the results the client needs.
  4. Deliver the program in line with the agreed timeframe, budget and using our systems thinking and arts-based methodologies.
  5. Reflect and review the program outcomes, and discuss future actions for quality engagement and improvement.


What is culture and how does it develop?

Culture can feel ambiguous and opaque. It is a concept that defines how an environment operates – at the centre of organisational culture are the people who decide whether a workplace is safe, inclusive, friendly and cares. You could say that culture is all about the vibe. You know it when you see and feel it, and you know whether it is right for you or not.

From an organisational perspective, culture is the shared set of values, attitudes, behaviours, and standards that make up a work environment.

Developing company culture needs to be undertaken proactively. It’s not an overnight thing, and it must be tuned.

What are the elements of cultural development?

The major elements of culture include material culture, language, aesthetics, education, religion, attitudes and values, and social organisation.

From a general business perspective, company culture is made up of values, attitudes, behaviours, and standards. This is often expressed in words such as ‘this is how we do things around here’. Culture can be implicit and explicit.

What is company culture and how do you develop it?

Company culture is the shared set of values, attitudes, behaviours, and standards that make up a work environment. Culture considers employee satisfaction and wellbeing as a priority, so people are inspired and motivated to help drive business success.

Company culture is everybody’s business and must be continuously attended to in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Couple it with Coaching

Our workshops can all be coupled up with coaching to deliver truly tailored solutions to enable you and your colleagues to live and work well.

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