When not facilitating and coaching, you can find me in my art studio. It’s one of my favourite places to pause, reflect, imagine, experiment, play and create.

In 2022 I started a year-long project to create an artwork each day.

The reason was to recommit to my arts practice and not allow the ebb and flow of inspiration or time determine whether I would create or not.

It’s too easy to allow other things to encroach on what we believe is important.

For me, maintaining my arts practice, while being the owner of a business is crucial. It strikes at the heart of one of my values, which is about nurturing creativity and finding the avenues that support that.

Art making plays a huge part in my creative wellbeing. I also coach, support and encourage others with their creative pursuits. The artworks I create are responses to personal and global events that touch me in some way, and I’m aware touch others.

There are also times I allow the materials and art mediums to determine the look and feel of the artwork.

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Dr Cathryn Lloyd at the mm365 Exhibition

During the year and from the feedback I received, I decided to have an exhibition of all 365 artworks.

The response was amazing, supportive, and more than I anticipated.

That year long project also set the course for several projects that have come to fruition such as the Shift Your Thinking Digital Facilitation and Coaching cards.

As well as investigation into book publications, the ongoing commitment to my arts practice, and another exhibition at the end of 2024.

My artworks are for sale; if you are interested in finding out more or purchasing originals and prints the best way to do that for now is to contact me.

I also respond to requests for artworks as commissions for projects. Several of the images you see on this website are based on my artworks.

A small sample of available artwork for sale:

Finally, a few insights I can share with you from undertaking a 365 day project.  

You never really know what’s involved until you get involved. Commit to starting even if you don’t know where it may lead.

There is always something to be gained and learned in the process.

  • There is inspiration all around us. It’s a matter of perspective, our unique perspective, and how we choose to see and respond to the world around us.
  • Look for a few ways you that will make the commitment to your project achievable. There were three main creative hacks that helped me –
  • Making the artworks the same size which freed me from having to think about what size the artwork would be each time. That was a major part of the simplification for my creative process.
  • Regardless of how I felt, inspired or not, I showed up. It’s amazing what happens when you do that, it never ceased to intrigue me.
  • Be creative with time; with all the various commitments we have it can seem there is little time, and yet I noticed times of spaciousness. Time is a construct and mindset we can play and experiment with.

Making a public declaration about your intention and communicating your progress can be a motivator. It was helpful to know people were on the journey with me. It also encouraged me to take that next step – the exhibition.

Value your ideas, your creative time.

Regardless of what others may think or say, hold on to your dreams, aspirations, projects. We must become our own greatest champion and guard ourselves from the naysayers and those who want to dampen our enthusiasm.

Be aware of self-talk, the inner critic, judge, perfectionist, and procrastinator.

The shadow self may arrive and try to talk you out of your creative project, don’t let them. Know they are there, make friends, and keep them at a distance. Instead invite new friends on the journey, the explorer, advocate, cheer-squad, and coach.

To see any creative project to a completion requires qualities like discipline, grit, commitment, intention, and action.

Don’t forget to experience joy in what you do and celebrate.

I wish you well with your creative pursuits, and if you would like to know more about coaching for creativity please get in touch.