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We deliver creative coaching and facilitation services for those who innovate and lead change.

Across all services, we apply highly interactive, participatory processes and methodologies, such as Practice-Led and Artful Inquiry, Arts-Based Learning Experiences, Systems Thinking, Systemic Coaching, Action Learning, Reflective Practice, Provenance, Prototyping, Appreciative Inquiry, and Design Thinking, and more, to help give you a new perspective.

Arts-based and aesthetic forms such as images, stories, drawing, painting, music, nature, mindfulness, applied improvisation, play and journaling are used to promote and support creative inquiry and wellbeing.

This unique approach sparks new insights, personal expression, different perspectives, plus multiple ways to learn, unlearn and navigate the complex environments in which you operate. It requires curiosity, thoughtful risk-taking, courage, a willingness to suspend judgement, and an ability to tolerate ambiguity.

We’re not about turning employees into artists. Instead, we’re about helping people step into their professional artistry. Our value is in how we draw on the arts and playful ways of thinking, learning, collaborating, and innovating to do this.

We create and curate engaging memorable facilitation and coaching experiences to meet your organisational needs and impact positively on people. We work towards creating an environment that is safe for people to be open and vulnerable, yet challenging enough to disrupt and help shift your thinking and way of being. Our workshops and programs engage our senses, deepen engagement, amplify connection, and enhance learning.

Programs can include individual and team coaching to enhance and embed the learning experience. Your business need and the required duration will help inform our tailored approach.

Our Artful Inquiry methodology prompts and guides you as you create your own organisational and team masterpieces, allowing your professional and leadership artistry to be front and centre, where perceptions shift and positive change can happen.

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Meet the Founder

Director and Founder of Maverick Minds, Dr Cathryn Lloyd, is Australia’s first certified creativity coach with the Creativity Coaching Association.


Are you trying to implement change and innovate in your business, but finding business as usual methods are failing you? Try something different – try coaching.

Facilitation Workshops

Facilitated workshops offer new insights, personal expression, and a different perspective, which challenges and changes the way you and others think. Does this sound like something you and your team need?

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