Things have taken shape and Maverick Minds Shift Your Thinking digital facilitation and coaching cards are a reality.

I’ve been working with Founders Leonie Cutts and Craig Browne from CCS Corporation Pty Ltd over the past few months to bring Maverick Minds Shift Your Thinking images to life on their CCS VFE (Virtual Facilitation platform). They are now available for purchase.

Some of you know that throughout 2022 I created an artwork a day.

These collage artworks are finding new life in different ways.

One of them is Shift Your Thinking Facilitation and Coaching Cards.

If you are a coach, facilitator and run workshops both virtually and in person there are so many fabulous reasons to start using image cards in your work.

They are a powerful resource and creative way to work with people.

Images can be used for introductions and conversation starters, as provocations for creative thinking, visualisation, connection, problem-solving, working with conflict and various forms of expression.

All you need do is apply your imagination which is what humans are great at for how you would like to work with them.

With the digital images the ease of distribution, economics, scale and capacity makes it a truly innovative approach.

One of the great things (and there are many) about the CCS platform is that everyone receives the same virtual card deck for the time we work together.

There are so many ways we can work with images to open our hearts and minds, inspire creativity, and create connection.

Maverick Minds Shift Your Thinking cards are now available for purchase.  They are hosted on the CCS digital platform (called, the CCS VFE).

This is a game-changing desktop application, that gives you the power to give each of your workshop participants a Shift Your Thinking pack on their mobile device to use during a session and to display everyone’s choices and comments on one screen.

Each time a participant joins one of your sessions, you will use up a Participant Pass (PP). It’s a tiny bit techy, but worth it!

Click the link below to get started using Maverick Minds Shift Your Thinking Digital Facilitation and Coaching Cards. You’ll be taken to CCS Corporation’s digital products store.

Purchase Shift Your Thinking Cards now

The people at CCS Corporation are always very helpful, so if you get stuck, just get in touch – and they will get you up and running.

Also, if you are not already a CCS VFE user, be sure to check out the special bundle offer.

I’ll be offering a range of Shift Your Thinking virtual workshops in 2024.

If you have something on the horizon that you would like to engage Maverick Minds for, and think working with images is a valuable creative addition, let’s have a conversation.

If you want to see the images in action, take a moment to watch the conversation between Leonie and me.

You’ll get a sense for how we used them to introduce ourselves and reflect on the year ahead.

If you would like to discuss anything about the cards and workshops get in touch.

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