Who we are

Maverick Minds is your catalyst for change.

We’re an agile facilitation and coaching business practice, that will help open your eyes to new ideas as well as your heart and mind to new possibilities.

About us

Maverick Minds is a small yet skilled creative professional development service.

We work with people on a personal and business basis to bring creativity to life, for short and long term benefit. Through creative workshop facilitation and coaching of teams and individuals, we help those who are open, curious, and willing to experiment, with taking the first step towards change and creative wellbeing.

Founder, Dr Cathryn Lloyd, is an experienced and qualified facilitator, coach, entrepreneur and creative practitioner.

Working with a blended facilitation and coaching approach we help clients identify what’s important, explore ways to innovate and breakthrough business as usual thinking habits. Our eclectic style means our service is not one size fits all.

We adopt a co-creative way of working with our clients, drawing on everybody’s skills and experiences in the mix.

We use a range of highly interactive, participatory processes and methodologies such as Practice-Led and Artful Inquiry, Arts-Based Learning Experiences, Systems Thinking. Systemic Coaching, Action Learning, Reflective Practice, Provenance, Prototyping, Appreciative Inquiry, and Design Thinking, to support people to work well and channel their inner Maverick.

It’s Cathryn’s creative industries, visual arts and design background that allows us to innovate our service by using arts-based methods such as images, stories, drawing, painting, music, nature, mindfulness, applied improvisation, play and journaling to promote creative inquiry.

The essence of our work is encapsulated in the following African proverb:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far; go together

Vision / Mission

To provide clients with the best possible facilitation, coaching, and learning experiences that inspire, shift your thinking, encourage creativity, generate positive and meaningful change, and keep you focused on what is important.


Maverick Minds understands that businesses have a range of needs that require different approaches. That’s why we have a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals collaborating to provide you with the best possible approach to achieve the outcomes you desire.




lies at the heart of human endeavour, innovation and transformation


respectfully and collaboratively work to meet the unique needs of our clients


recognise and appreciate the unique qualities of individuals and groups


providing high quality creative, flexible and effective learning experiences for people


value the hallmarks of integrity – trust, consistency, dependability, honesty

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Creative Coaching

For when you need a new approach.

Dr Cathryn Lloyd

Facilitation Workshops

Highly engaging, interactive and seriously playful.

Who We Are Page - Team Coaching Image

Team Coaching

Creative and systematic coaching for change.

Who We Are Page - Culture Development Image

Culture Development

Building the right foundations for engagement and success.

Why us?

Have you become a creature of habit?

Is your leadership in need of some creativity?

Does your team need a recharge and refocus?

Are you stuck in your creative practice wondering where to next?

Maverick Minds offers you the opportunity to try something new and really experience the difference.

Creativity, along with communication, connection, compassion, and care, are qualities and capabilities we need to live and work well in this increasingly complex and conflicted world.

Creativity is curiosity.

It allows us to ask questions, imagine different futures and solve problems. Innovation is the implementation of that curious and imaginative thinking.

Our workshops and coaching highlight the creativity within people. We help you step outside of your everyday thinking, embrace uncertainty and ambiguity, and gain confidence to take that first step towards positive change.

Whether you’re a large organisation, small business or creative solopreneur, and whether it’s at work or for your personal creative wellbeing, we’re equipped to help.

Cathryn has over 20 years’ experience across creative industries, business, and academia, and is Australia’s first certified creativity coach with the Creativity Coaching Association.

That’s just for starters…

What’s the difference?

Maverick Minds will help shift your thinking.

Through artful interactions, we challenge you to take your everyday business practices and apply creative thinking.

You get to stretch your creative muscle, generate ideas into action, and hone your professional artistry.

This is our key difference.

What our clients say

Maverick Minds is regarded as a leader in the creative coaching and workshop space.

But don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients have to say.

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