Cathryn Lloyd is an accredited Team Management Systems (TMS) Team Management Profile facilitator.

The TMS Team Management Profile (TMP) is one of the world’s leading psychometric profiling tools for personal, team and leadership development. TMP is a useful framework for creating and sustaining high performing teams. It helps individuals and teams understand the world of work, types of work and work preferences.

Maverick Minds facilitated a virtual Team Management Systems Profile with Federation University which took place over two sessions.

What did participants have to say?

I’ve really enjoyed Cathryn’s sessions. Our most recent Maverick Minds course was conducted online and encouraged us to explore and discuss our work preferences. Breaking the sessions down into two, generated a lot of thoughtful discussion and sharing among colleagues. It was a great opportunity to pause and reflect internally while also recognising the different styles of working that make up our cohesive team. I particularly felt the use of online breakout rooms and interactive drawing games strengthened the connection with my colleagues that, due to COVID times, had been lost a little. Thoroughly enjoyable – I look forward to our next session! 
Elyce Keen

Federation University


The course opens your mind to possibilities. Too often the process, concept/idea is locked into the boundary of this is how we usually do it, if it is not broken don’t fit it. This concept can reduce quality of the outcome. The world is constantly changing, and the program gives you the tools to identify and work with change. The mindfulness concept I developed through my participation meant I learnt a lot about others and how they benefit and contribute to the level of the quality of an idea. That with their skills sets and passions any idea can be elevated to a higher level and functionality. Leading to not only a communicative workplace but a productive one. People often say ‘that was good, or it was great’ about a course. I would say I truly have grown a new skill set and recognise the amazing team I am part of due to this program.
Michaela Vann
Federation University