Being limited to where we can go and what we can do does have benefits.  From my perspective it has provided quality time for various creative pursuits and being in my art studio.  Aesthetics has a huge influence in how I approach things in life.  Making art contributes positively to my sense of wellbeing.  I get enormous satisfaction experimenting with materials and exploring ideas.  Talking with a colleague recently, we both acknowledged that the artists world is often one of solitude.  It is true that many artists create alone for periods of time.  We decided it has probably prepared us for this time of isolation.  Time alone is a gift and its worth cultivating a sense of peace and enjoyment being in own company.  Life if full of constraints. They can provide a great foundation for living and working creatively.

I love working with mixed media.  The bricolage of materials and textures allows for emergent visual story-telling.  In June I was delighted to have one of my artworks ‘There was a Sense of Peace’ selected as a finalist in the 2020 Lethbridge Gallery Small Scale Art Award.  It featured at the Lethbridge Paddington gallery along with a range of excellent small-scale artworks.  The artwork reflects many of the questions and thoughts I have about this extraordinary time.

I encourage all of you to find ways to make your moments or periods of solitude meaningful.  Start experimenting, improvising and enjoying the creativity that lies within you.  You will reap the reward of that creative intention.

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