QATA Conference – photo Cathryn Lloyd

Creativity and the creative process is not always smooth sailing. A recent Maverick Minds workshop ‘Creative Starts and Stumbles: finding inspiration in the everyday’, was delivered at the QATA (Qld Art Teachers Association professional development conference). It was one of the most professional and best organised conferences I’ve presented at. A great committee and fabulous group of volunteers.

This workshop draws on my project mm365, and my book Seriously Playful Creativity: An A to Z of Creative Action and Reflection. It focuses on resourcefulness, play, bricolage, creativity, improvisation, and letting go of perfectionism. There are times for experimenting and times to critique ideas and lands on solutions. The art and skill in the creative process is knowing why, when and how to step into and out of the divergent and convergent creative process to reap the creative harvest.

Designed to create a non-judgmental and encouraging space this workshop enables creativity and can be used in a range of personal and professional contexts. A couple of comments –

Really engaging session with direct possibility for application; Thought provoking and gave lots of strategies to get different perspectives”.

If you would like to know more about this workshop and other Maverick Minds creative professional development opportunities do get in touch. I’m an email, phone call, or virtual catch up away.