This is me in my studio with the gallery wall of images I have created every-day since the start of 2022. Some of you who have been following my year-long project know I committed to creating an artwork a day throughout 2022 based on daily experiences, observations, reflections, conversations, and inspirations. It was a way for me to attend to my arts practice and not let the demands of running a business or the ebb and flow of inspiration and motivation prevent me from creating. The year is coming to a close so there are not that many to go…

My approach to this year-long commitment has been that regardless of how I feel or whether I have an idea or not, every-day I show up and create something. I keep an open mind and heart, try to keep judgement at bay and commit to making. A favourite quote from Picasso that motivates me is “when inspiration arrives, I want it to find me working”. I’ve seen this happen regularly when I show up and begin to make.

My other creative philosophy is that of the bricoleur and bricolage which is to construct and create with whatever materials are available and make do with what is at hand. I find this concept very liberating and akin to creative problem-solving.

So far this major project has provided me with a body of work that I can draw on when working with clients, for instance I have used them as facilitation and coaching cards, to start conversations and generate ideas, and in various interactive online presentations and courses. People are asking if I will have an exhibition. Watch this space I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime if you’re curious to find out more send me an email or call me 0406 007 753. I’d love to have that creative conversation with you. If would like to keep up with daily posts find me on Instagram @maverickminds1

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Please enjoy.

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