Think you’re not very creative?
Now is the time to shift your thinking!

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It may mean you haven’t discovered what creativity and living a creative life really means.

Creative thinking is a highly valued and much sought after skill and quality to have in all walks of life.

Seriously Playful Creativity:
an A-Z of Creative Action and Reflection

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to shift your thinking and gain a different and broader perspective on what it means to be creative.
  • How to stimulate new ways of thinking by giving you an A to Z of ideas for you to experiment and play with.
  • Why you need space to doodle, write, colour and learn how to make your mark.
  • How curious questions will encourage you to pause, reflect and gain a new perspective.
  • Plus a practical creativity checklist to help you start.

And much more….

Whether you are an artist, accountant, business owner, senior manager, CEO, doctor, lawyer, teacher, or volunteer Seriously Playful Creativity will give you ways to think and be more creative.

Here is your invitation to reflect, imagine, play, plan and take action and it’s now available for purchase.


Cathryn Lloyd is Founder, Director of Maverick Minds Pty Ltd.

Cathryn leaders, managers, teams and individuals facilitates creative new learning experiences to help them gain new perspectives, shift their thinking, put their creativity into practice and creative positive long term change.

She is also the co-author of The Story Cookbook: practical recipes for change published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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What does it take to be creative? Cathryn Lloyd’s book Seriously Playful Creativity: An A to Z of Creative Action and Reflection may seriously challenge your perception.
Cathryn Lloyd turns any blinkered thoughts about creativity being limited to the world’s artistic souls, contending that opportunities for creativity are everywhere, every day.  Seriously Playful Creativity will encourage you to converse, ponder, tinker, improvise and dream: to be bold and playful; to take risks.
Allow yourself to dip in and see what happens. You may just reveal a side to yourself and your world that’s been overlooked.
Heather Joy Campbell

Founder, The Happydemic

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