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Welcome and thank you for visiting Maverick Minds and choosing to accept your free gift on CreativeShip. It was such a pleasure and good fun to be interviewed by Silvia Schroeder as part of the Global Influencer Effectiveness Summit. What a great contribution she has made to help deepen our understanding of Igniting Change in Others through Leadership and enabling that through a global digital platform.

This is a great time to be a leader – there are many challenges and just as many opportunities so it really does require new approaches and ways of thinking. It’s a timely reminder, in times of uncertainty and change, that if we think we can keep doing the same things and expect different answers then we are becoming ineffective.

I’ve developed the CreativeShip E-Book to share some of Maverick Minds thinking and approaches to Igniting Change in Others and to help you to help the people around you to step into CreativeShip with confidence.

Enjoy the book and do take me up on the offer of the free 30 minute coaching consultation to discuss an aspect of the book that is of interest to you.

Yours creatively
Dr Cathryn Lloyd


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