Is it time to shift your thinking?

As a leader are business as usual practices not working for you?
Do you need to innovate and not sure where to start?

Are you an innovator and leader of change, seeking different ways to lead teams and navigate complex environments? If so Maverick Minds can help you.

We specialise in Creativity. Why?

Because it’s our greatest natural resource. It’s what creates connection, activates innovation, and leads to lasting positive change.

And the more we use it, the more it grows. It offers an excellent return on investment.

Our world is increasingly complex, unpredictable and fastmoving.

To get different results… you need to do things differently.

That’s where Maverick Minds comes in.

We work with leaders, managers, teams, and individuals to value their creativity, and develop their creative capacity to influence and drive positive change in work and life.

Specialising in facilitation and coaching, using Arts-Based Learning Experiences and a Systems Thinking approach, Maverick Minds creates engaging and impactful human experiences that enable growth and development.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

(African Proverb)

For just a moment, slow down, pause and breathe.

Are you ready to learn and unlearn, to shift your thinking, to create and be the positive change you want to see in your organisation, your team and your creative life?

Would it help to have quality time and input to think and reflect?

To get different perspectives and discover new ways of doing and being in a trusted environment.

If so, please reach out.

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Meet Dr Cathryn Lloyd

Director and Founder of Maverick Minds, Dr Cathryn Lloyd, is an experienced and qualified facilitator and coach. She is Australia’s first certified creativity coach with the Creativity Coaching Association.

Dr Cathryn Lloyd


Our creative coaching solutions encourage you to adopt artful ways to pursue new ideas for positive change.

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Facilitation Workshops

Our facilitated workshops offer new insights, personal expression, and a different perspective, which challenges and changes the way you and others think.

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Creative Leadership

Creative leadership workshops encourage creative thinking and positive action to help develop even the most established leader.

Our difference

I’ve created a unique approach to delivering creative coaching and facilitated workshop services – the ‘Artful Inquiry’ method.

Through Artful Inquiry, I help businesses take every day business practices and unlock creative thinking.

Professional artistry is developed.

People gain confidence in expressing ideas, experimenting and taking action.

The creative mind is sparked, inspiration and motivation are enhanced, engagement increases, and innovation becomes possible.

All of this leads to improved employee wellbeing.

Looking for inspiration?

Maverick Minds Creativity Book

Seriously Playful Creativity 

Whether you’re an architect, artist, accountant, business leader, CEO, cleaner, engineer, health professional, lawyer, teacher, or volunteer…my book Seriously Playful Creativity is for you.

This light, pithy, engaging book invites you to reflect, imagine, play, plan and take action for your creative life and profession in a fun and interactive way!

With an array of ideas from A to Z embrace your creativity from the comfort of your home, office or studio.

Alternatively, I use the book as a guide to coach people in thinking more creatively.