Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity
Henry Thoreau

Dear Mavericks

“Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler” goes a quote ascribed to Einstein.

Given the creative and intelligent contributions both these men have gifted humanity it’s probably worth paying attention.

Indeed there is great value in simplifying things.

As Thoreau observed, Humans seem to be very good at making things far more complex than they need to be. Thoreau explored the idea of simple living in his book Walden or Life in the Woods in which he reflects on his experimentation of living in nature, with only the bare essentials, for over two years to see if he could learn the purpose of his life.  In one of the many letters he wrote to his friend Harrison Blake he reflects…

It is astonishing as well as sad, how many trivial affairs even the wisest man thinks he must attend to in a day; how singular an affair he thinks he must omit.  When the mathematician would solve a difficult problem, he first frees the equation of all encumbrances, and reduces it to its simplest term.  

Ah yes – the genius of reducing things to their most simple and elegant terms – their true essence rather than over thinking and over reacting.

Buddhist Monk, Author and Photographer Matthieu Ricard questions – “How many human enterprises and noble causes have failed due to such unnecessary complications”.

And then adds, “Having a simple mind is not the same as being simple-minded. Simplicity of mind is reflected in lucidity, inner strength, buoyancy, and a healthy contentment that withstands the tribulations of life with a light heart”.

There is an art to making things elegant and simple.  Some of the best ideas, designs, creative solutions, innovations and inventions are based on this philosophy.

So as we head into Christmas I wish you a simple, stress free and light hearted one. Thank you for your support and interest in Maverick Minds throughout 2017 and I look forward to reconnecting and working with you in 2018.

Yours creatively

Dr Cathryn Lloyd
Maverick Minds

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