Cathryn Lloyd can deliver presentations on topics such as: creativity, innovation and creative wellbeing at your next conference and business retreat.

Two well-received presentations are:

  • Creativity: Use it or Lose it
  • Creative Capital: Beyond Survival

Global Influencer Effectiveness Summit

Conference Presentations and Workshops


2016 November: The Story Conference: influencing cultural change


2015 November: Australian Facilitator’s Network Conference, Ballina NSW.


2015 April: Creativity Challenge Crossing Boundaries: Wellington New Zealand


2012 September: ‘City of Thought‘ Conference Community Building process. The Art of Management and Organization Conference, York UK.


2011 September: ALARA Conference (Plenary).


2009 October: Artful Inquiry: a creative and collaborative approach for communities of practice, ACR conference, Atlanta Georgia USA, (paper and workshop).


2008 September: The Need for Professional Artistry in Management Education: the art of knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do – The Fourth Art of Management and Organization Conference, Banff Canada.


2016 September: The 8th Art of Management and Organization Conference, Stream Co-convenor.


2015 October: Creativity – Use it Lose it, Institute for Learning Professionals, Brisbane.


2012 October: CPA Australia Congress presentation/workshop Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre: Professional Artistry and Artful Innovation: what do you when you don’t know what to do?


2011 December: Global Education Conference on Creative Industries, Shanghai (Workshop).


2011 September: LEADR Conference (Workshop).


2009 September: Artful Inquiry: What does it mean to be an artful mediation practitioner?, LEADR conference, Melbourne, (workshop).


2008 September: Developing Creativity and Innovation in Management Education: an artful event for transformative learning – The Fourth Art of Management and Organization Conference, Banff Canada (paper and workshop).

Publications – Papers, Articles, Book Reviews


Leading Beautifully: Education Leaders as Connoisseurship

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TEDx Kurilpa – Creativity Workshop

Presenting at the 2015 Creativity Challenge at The Learning Connexion in New Zealand

Institute for Learning Professionals – Creativity Use it or Lose it

Femeconomy Interview

“FutureNet engaged Cathryn as a guest speaker for ‘The Evolution of the Young Professional’event held in Brisbane recently. Cathryn came highly recommended via a number of colleagues who had attended her Maverick Minds creative development workshop and she certainly did not disappoint. Cathryn’s presentation ‘Survive and Thrive; Creative Resilience and Creative Leadership’ was well received by the audience, as they were captivated by her passion for the creative mind. Cathryn enthusiastically interacted with the crowd; provoking thoughts, opinions and successfully facilitating several group discussions throughout her presentation.
It was a pleasure to watch Cathryn conduct the room with her passionate and professional mastery and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Michael Lawlor, Associate Architect, Thomson Adsett/Future Net

“I have have had the privilege of participating in a workshop lead by Cathryn. It is impossible to articulate exactly what made the experience so great, however here are some things that Cathryn made remarkable. Firstly, she created a sense of purpose and focus that produced an exceptional level of engagement. Cathryn created a cohesive framework that invited adventure, provoked thoughtful exploration, and made space for the unexpected. The result was a fun and inspired sharing of ideas to a level no-one could have expected at the onset. Cathryn is a visionary with a wonderful ability to engage people in soulful questioning that gently guides them through the unpacking and exploration of powerful ideas. Her unique approach is like an infusion of light and oxygen that recharges, inspires and unites people.”

Winfried Sitte, Futurist, Coach, Architect.

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